Google Earth 7 and up require a better video card than a GMA 950, you’ll notice this both because of the error it gives you and because you’ll just see an outline of the countries and no actual earth. For Mac and Windows this isn’t a problem because Google lists all older versions on their site. For some reason they’ve decided against listing older versions for Linux on the download page, even though they still host them on their servers.

After some trial and error with URLs I figured out the download links for the Linux packages for 6.2.2 (The last version to work on older cards) you can find them below.

GE 6.2.2 64bit .deb for Debian/Ubuntu

GE 6.2.2 32bit .deb for Debian/Ubuntu

GE 6.2.2 64bit .rpm for Fedora/CentOS/RHEL

GE 6.2.2 32bit .rpm for Fedora/CentOS/RHEL

These should work fine on older video cards.

Older versions of Google Earth Pro can be downloaded from Here.