So you want to build jailbroken iOS apps, but are to poor or cheap to shell out $100 to Apple? No problem at all. Maybe you’ve tried guides like this one or this .

Those guides are great and I build off of them for mine. I’ve used both methods with older versions of Xcode with great success. But neither would work for me in newer versions of Xcode. Fortunately I found another way. An easier way. A way with debugging support. A better way :)

A way that works in Xcode 4.3.2 and possibly newer:

  1. Obviously we’re gonna need a computer with Xcode and a Jailbroken iDevice.

  2. On the computer you need to create a code signing certificate. Open Keychain Access, click the Keychain Access menu and open the Certificate Assistant -> Create a Certificate. Create a “Self Signed Root” “Code Signing” certificate named “iPhone Developer”.

  3. On that jailbroken iDevice you’re going to need to install AppSync.

Installing AppSync is simple:
Add the source to your Cydia sources. Cydia will give you a warning, because pirates use AppSync. You aren’t going to be doing that I hope, ignore the warning.

Install AppSync for whatever iOS version you run from Cydia.

  1. Open /Applications/
    in whatever editor you use and replace all occurrences of XCiPhoneOSCodeSignContext with XCCodeSignContext.

  2. In your project in Xcode go to your Target settings -> Summary and scroll to the bottom. Enable Entitlements. Xcode should automatically create and Entitlements file. Add a new row named “get-task-allow” of the boolean type with a value of YES. Make sure this row is all the way left and not part of the keychain-access-groups array. You’ll have to do this on every project, but it’s not much.

  3. Everything should be working now. You may need to use GDB as your debugger to get debugging working, this can be done in Project -> Edit Scheme.

I’m writing most of this from memory so comment if you have any problems along the way. Also I’ve only been able to test on iOS 3.1.3 devices so far, on account of that being all I have available.